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West Yellowstone, Montana.

Day 1

We start the experience in West Yellowstone Airport (WYS), followed by the transfer to your hotel. After meeting with the guide and setting the time for the next day you will have time off to explore the town or the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center.

Image by David Garry

West Yellowstone, Montana.

Day 2

On the first full day in the park, we will start at the lower geyser basin for the best views of the eruptions from the most famous Geysers in the park. We will also visit the Old Faithful visitor center and the Old faithful lodge building. After lunch, we will head to one of the most beautiful hikes in the park to see the prismatic pools from a lookup point by the Firehole River. 

Image by Emily Campbell

West Yellowstone, Montana.

Day 3

On the second day, we will look for wildlife in the Lamar Valley on the NE corner of the park, we will visit Mammoth Hot Springs upper and lower basin for the best views of the pools carved by geological forces in the white limestone, and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone considered one of the most breathtaking sighs inside the Yellowstone. 

Image by Jéan Béller

Jackson Hole,

Day 4

On the third day, we transfer to Jackson Wyoming for the second leg of the tour. Along the way, we will do a few stops including West Thumb Geyser Basin and Yellowstone Lake, as well Grand Teton National Park.  

Image by Nuhil Mehdy

Jackson Hole,

Day 5

On the fifth day, we will explore Jenny Lake, The Grand Teton National Park Visitor Center, and other historical sites around the park. 

Image by Toan Chu

Jackson Hole,

Day 6

On the last day, we finish the experience with the transfer out to your respective flight in Jackson Hole Airport (JAC). 

Image by Madhu Shesharam
Image by Hans-Jurgen Mager
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