Day 1

We depart Seattle early in the morning to Missoula, Montana. Along the way, we will do several stops to use the restrooms and to eat lunch in Spokane Washington.
Missoula is considered the cultural center of Montana and a great place to walk around and grab some dinner.

Image by David Garry

Day 2

We leave Missoula after breakfast and head to Yellowstone National Park, it is about 4 hours to get there. We will stop at West Yellowstone to get some lunch. On the first day, we will explore two of the most iconic places such as Old Faithful Geyser and West Thumb Geyser Basin. In both places, the group will have time to explore with the guide and on their own.

Image by Emily Campbell

Day 3

This will be a full day in Yellowstone, and we will spend most of the time in the northern part of the park, visiting a large complex of hot springs on a hill known as the Mammoth terraces. After lunch, we will head to Lamar Valley for the best chance of spotting bears, wolves, bison, pronghorn, and many more species. Located in the northeastern corner of the park, Lamar Valley, along the Lamar River, is often called America’s Serengeti for its large and easy-to-see populations of large animals.

Image by Jéan Béller

Day 4

On our second full day, we will do several stops along Yellowstone Lake, Hayden Valley for more wildlife spotting, and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone where we will spend time going to the viewpoints and different areas for short hikes and breath-taking views.

Image by Nuhil Mehdy

Day 5

On our last day in the park, we will explore The Grand Prismatic Springs at Midway Geyser Basin consider the largest hot spring in the USA. Named by geologists for its striking coloration caused by a variety of pigmented bacteria and micros that thrive in the warm, mineral surrounding water. We will get lunch at West Yellowstone and drive to Missoula for the night.

Image by Nicolasintravel

Day 6

On our last day, we will head back to Seattle, stopping along the way to use the restrooms and to get lunch.

Season 2021
July 5th- July 10th
July 19th - July 24th
August 2nd - August 7th



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