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Snoqualmie Falls Tour
(3 hours)

Join us for an unforgettable tour of the stunning Snoqualmie Falls, located just 50 minutes from Seattle.


As we journey through the Evergreen State, you'll be immersed in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest with its lush greenery and towering coniferous trees.

Upon arrival at Snoqualmie Falls, prepare to be awed by the breathtaking view of the cascading waterfalls, standing tall at 82 meters.


As you gaze upon this natural wonder, you'll discover why it's been featured in popular TV shows like Twin Peaks and movies such as The Vanishing.

Our expert guide will take you on a scenic trail to experience the falls up close and feel the misty spray of the water.


You'll learn about the history and geology of the area, as well as the importance of the falls to the local Native American tribes.

This three-hour private group tour is available year-round, making it the perfect getaway for families, friends, or corporate groups.


Come explore one of the largest and most captivating waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest with us!

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